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Why choose ZIolkowski Construction for your general construction project?

The professionals at Ziolkowski Construction offer each client considerable expertise in virtually every aspect of general construction. Most of our team members have been a part of the construction industry for 20+ years, working throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

With our extensive roster of talent, we’re able to accept and build any project as a general contractor. We believe the client is best served by assuring that at least one Ziolkowski professional is involved in the project from inception to completion. This allows for total accountability and creates an effective line of communication that results in a quality project, finished on schedule and at a fair price.

Our expertise is based upon a solid foundation of project knowledge as well as considerable construction experience. First, we ascertain the needs and desires of each owner/client. Then, we apply our value engineering, constructing the project with the highest standards and controls possible. In this way, we satisfy our clients’ desires time and again.

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